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Kapapel Mountain in Wopławka [ENGLISH version]


Near the palace in Wopławki there is the Kapapel Mountain, which is hidden in the rural landscape between Wopławki and Karolewo.

Many times I drove past this place and never thought I did not pass that on this wooded hill could be something. Looking more closely at the history of Wopławka (from the German Woplauken) I discovered many interesting and forgotten places that could serve as tourist attractions. One of them would probably be the burial chapel of the von Schmidtseck, I discovered last weekend.

photo source: Google Street Viev
From the side of the road connecting Wopławka with Karolewo there is nothing to indicate that there is something in this grove

I reached this small grove. The peace of this place hit me. He did not reach the sound of the nearby houses and the street. The only thing you could hear it here birdsong and the rustle of trees. I felt that in this place you can calm down, relax from all this hustle and bustle.

A winding path leads up to the chapel. At the very top of the hill appears the front of the tomb chapel of the von Schmidtseck family. Unfortunately, only remnants of the magnificent building remain. The influence of time and people had a great impact on this building.


In its heyday, there was a cemetery on the hill. Outside the chapel there was a building in which the local gravedigger lived. The gravedigger was guarding the cemetery on the hill. He also guarded the Calvinist cemetery. The Calvinist cemetery was on the right side of the road leading to Karolewo.

The neo-Gothic chapel was built in 1900. The construction was started by Anna Schmidt von Schmidtseck. She was the wife of Rudolf Schmidt von Schmidtseck. It is thanks to him that we can see the final shape of the palace in Wopławki.

In the early 1990s, local people dismantled part of the chapel to obtain bricks. Currently only the front and the residual side wall remain. The graves of people buried there were also devastated. The last traces of the people who lived here and created the history of these lands are disappearing.

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